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The family dental clinic “Gloria” OOO “FRA-MIL” greets you and wishes you a beautiful smile.


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A visit to the dentist, even in Hi-Tech age, is always accompanied by rueful feelings and fears. We want to dispel these doubts and offer you a high-grade dental treatment and individual approach to the patient.

In our clinic, dentists will always find theirselves on the same page with you.

Visit schedule is carried on by highly skilled dentists who will answer all your questions, tell about the benefits of any dental materials, create an individual program, on which dental prosthetics and dental care will be based.

Our dental clinic is fitted with high-tech equipment, only evaluated materials and examined technologies are used.

Our dental clinic provides services for all family members. Our clients recommend us to their friends and acquaintances because they appreciate our quality of service (dental care, dental prosthetics, tooth bleaching and other services).

We work at moderate prices for people of any age and social status.

We are looking forward to see you in our clinic visit schedule!

Keep healthy!

The dental clinic “Gloria” provides the following types of services:

conservative dentistry;

aesthetic stomatology;


prosthetic dentistry;

-oral and maxillofacial surgery;


-dental X-ray (visionograph);

-dental technical treatment.

Payment is carried out both in cash and non-cash payment.


In all cases of delivering dental treatment to our patients, we guarantee

1. Utilization of certified dental appliances and devices;

2. Treatment being controlled by medical officers having the certificates, consolidating the right to realization of the actual type of medical care;

3. Utilization of diagnostic techniques, preventive care and treatment authorized on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, in compliance with the imposed requirements;

4. Treatment security is established by a complex of sanitary & epidemiological measures and the utilization of authorized technologies and materials;

5. Advanced Detection attained of granting adequate professional level of specialists, contemporary diagnostic aids, to create a dental x-ray, in our clinic we use a digital radiography device – the visionograph. A visiograph is an device, a variation of dental X-ray, but instead of a film a sensor is placed in the patient’s mouth. The picture is sent directly to the computer. Visionograph’s radiation dose is ten times lower than of ordinary X-ray. That sort of film can be stored without aging, duplicated, send via the Internet and etc., the same can’t be said for X-ray;

6. Meticulous adherence to treatment technologies suggests highly professional studies of dentists, dental laboratory technicians and assistant physicians, as well as special features of performance monitoring;

7. Utilization of technologically secured authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus materials, which are not out of their shelf-life;

8. Carrying out free consultations and preventive examinations at a frequency determined by the doctor;

9. Therapeutic anaesthetic management, which allows you to exclude pain sense modality to the maximum degree, according to the patient’s age, allergic status, general medical condition and treatment experience with dentists.

Dental technical laboratory is looking to cooperate with dental practitioners who appreciate perfect quality, trustworthiness, punctuality and customized approach. We provide a full range of services for the fabrication of dental prosthesis at the highest level. Experienced technicians and contemporary materials providing excellent quality and aesthetics of products. Many clinics and networks in Minsk are happy to work with us, and we are also pleased with them. And we are always welcome new clients, whether it is a large clinic or a small dental technical office.

We dispose sufficient knowledge, experience and technical equipment to justify the confidence of even the most demanding tandem of a doctor and patient.

We are guided by the individual style of each doctor working with us!



  • Full range of orthopedic services;

  • Collaborative work planning;

  • Quality control at all stages;

  • Excellent prices;

  • Proper delivery service.

Our address is Minsk, Str. Esenina 6, contact telefone number: 322 38 46.

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+375 17 322 38 46  e-mail: